Thursday, February 20, 2014

9/21/12 - The Witness

   There's a homeless man sleeping under the bus stop. I think he's having a bad dream. The man sitting opposite me has smoked three cigarettes so far. A firetruck has pulled up. They ask if I called about the man. I say no. They seem to be confused. They try to talk to the man. He seems to be sick. He says he hasn't eaten. They ask if I saw him fall. I say no. The EMT pulls up. They lift the man so he is sitting up. He can't hold up his head or speak clearly. They're moving the firetruck out of the way now. I notice that the other man has stopped smoking. They pricked his finger, testing his blood for something, iron? He can't move, he's limp, like he's dead.They gave him smelling salts, it didn't work. They plug his nose. He wakes up and tries to move the mans hand. Barely. He passes out again. They wheel the man away and my bus comes. 
"What did you see?" Nothing.
"How long have you been here?" About twenty minutes.
The man in front of me can't pay with his ticket. He get's off. I leave.
It's raining.