Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Room

You come across a dead tree, all dried up and barrenYou could almost crawl inside of it, if only it was big enough; but you find that it is, and so you do.You then sit inside of this hollow giant and think how it’s almost like sitting inside of a corpse and you feel uncomfortable for a moment.

Looking up, your current thoughts are interrupted as you are confronted by a void. Shrouded in shadow, you can’t quite see where the emptiness ends. Everything around you is dark to begin with but up there is completely unknown. You wonder what kind of creatures have made their homes up there in the chest of this dead body and you begin to feel your skin crawl. You slap at the back of your shoulder even though you know there is nothing there, (then your leg) but you do it anyway just in case, (now your neck) and because it’s kind of reassuring at the same time.

And so you lay back and fall asleep under the spider canopy that hangs gently above your head and you feel safe for once. You feel guilty and hidden away and perfect and as if your entire being has been kept a secret from everyone but you and the spiders. And it is this thought in particular that makes you feel more at peace than you ever have before.

It’s almost as if you never were at all.